Citrix Access Gateway

Citrix Access Gateway

Citrix Access Gateway

Citrix Access Gateway™ is a secure application access solution that presents administrators with granular application-level control and at the same time provides users with access from any location. This system also allows IT administrators to take command of access and actions based on both the user and the endpoint device from a single point of control, providing better risk, compliance management and security.

SmartAccess – Ultimate Flexibility in Controlling Access and Actions

With Citrix’s SmartAccess technology (which is patent-pending) administrators can control access and actions depending on both the user and the endpoint device. For instance, a user may have full access to a set of files when using their office PC (read, save locally, print, etc.) however they may be restricted to “read-only” access when connecting through an unrecognised “kiosk” device. Equally, if an employee tries to access the corporate network via a home PC that is not equipped with an active anti-virus update service, that employee may not be able to log into certain mission-critical systems. Though with SmartAccess, administrators are given complete flexibility in developing and employing corporate security policies.

Best VPN Solution Performance and Scalability

Whether your organisation is small or large, the flexible delivery model will produce an exceptional secure access solution that will benefit your company. Citrix Access Gateway delivers industry-leading consistency and scalability from 1 to more than 10,000 concurrent users per appliance.

Easy to Deploy, Administer and Use

Citrix Access Gateway provides the most effective end-user and administrator experience of any SSL VPN solution available:

End-users: Access Gateway was made from the ground up to deliver the user with a first-rate user experience. With a single point of secure remote access and single sign-on capabilities the number of authentication prompts are minimised, generating simple navigation to all key applications, including Windows applications (delivered with or without Citrix® XenApp™), desktops delivered by Citrix® XenDesktop™, e-mail, file shares, internal web applications etc. Also, "always-on access" guarantees sessions are automatically reconnected if a network connection is lost or roaming between access points.

Administrators: Access Gateway delivers rapid and simple deployment and ongoing management and at a cost-effective price. The client is web-deployed and is automatically updates without the need for user intervention, and management tools are highly sensitive. It is now simple for businesses to deliver mobile and remote users with desk-like access from any location, without the cost and difficulty of installation, configuration, updating and supporting client software on each device.

Flexible Purchase Options

There are three different editions of Citrix Access Gateway available, so you can reap the benefits no matter the size of your organisation.

  • Standard Edition - Made for organizations with less than 500 users who require an exceptional secure remote access solution but without no need for highly sophisticated policy deployment. It's the most economic SSL VPN solution available.
  • Advanced Edition – Built for organizations with less than 500 users who desire a first-class secure remote access solution that is equipped with highly sophisticated SmartAccess policy deployment, browser-only access and/or mobile device support.
  • Enterprise Edition – The finest secure access solution for enterprise environments, providing the most scalability and performance on the market. It is also equipped with SmartAccess capabilities, high-availability options and application acceleration and optimization built-in.

The Best SSL VPN Solution for Citrix® XenApp

Citrix Access Gateway delivers market-leading secure application access with or without Citrix® XenApp™. Although when XenApp is deployed there are many additional advantages including the following:

  • Access Gateway offers the same benefits as the Secure Gateway feature of Citrix® XenApp™
  • SmartAccess enables incomparable control over Windows applications provided by XenApp

Therefore using Access Gateway and XenApp in conjunction provides the benefits of a hardened appliance-based universal SSL VPN which increases security, extends user access, and reduces costs when compared with utilizing Secure Gateway.

The Best Solution for Secure Remote Access to Applications and Information

Citrix Access Gateway delivers an unmatched access experience for millions of users on a daily basis as well as market-leading security and control for IT administrators.


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