Citrix Secure Gateway Upgrade

Upgrading from Secure Gateway Improves Secure Application Access

Citrix Access Gateway Advanced EditionIf you already have the Citrix XenApp installed, you may be using the software-based Secure Gateway feature to safely deliver applications to remote users. Migrating to Citrix Access Gateway offers enhanced functionality, tighter security, lower complexity and major cost savings. All Access Gateway appliances and editions support XenApp, and contain integrated Secure Gateway capabilities with a single point of access.


Reduce Costs by up to 45%
  • Reduce hardware and software costs – Deploy a purpose-built secure hardened appliance instead of Secure Gateway software on a general purpose server and operating system. General purpose servers within a DMZ have additional costs and effort to harden the operating system and add additional security software such as anti-virus.
  • Reduce maintenance costs – An appliance is much easier to maintain than a server as there is no operating system to manage, required floor space is minimal and the appliance is pre-imaged.
  • Increase concurrent users – Reduce your number of needed servers by supporting more users per appliance—up to 10,000 concurrent users on the Access Gateway 10000 series appliance (scalability varies according to AG appliance series), compared to 700 to 1,000 concurrent users per Secure Gateway server.


  • Eliminate separate VPNs – Most organizations using Secure Gateway also deploy a separate VPN to secure other types of traffic, adding more expense and overhead. With Access Gateway, one SSL VPN can handle all of your organization’s remote access needs.
  • Single point of access – Remote and mobile workers are more productive when they access all information and applications using one method.
  • Minimize client maintenance – Unlike IPSec VPNs, Access Gateway supports full network connectivity using a Web-deployed, auto-updating client, eliminating manual installation and maintenance.

Increased Capabilities

  • Provide powerful access and network access controls – By choosing Access Gateway Advanced or Enterprise Edition, you’ll receive extensive Citrix SmartAccess capabilities, increasing control over how information is accessed. With Action Rights, you’ll control not just what data can be accessed, but what actions the user can perform, such as print, save, launch and view. The level of access is automatically reconfigured as users roam between devices, locations and connections.
  • Increase device flexibility – Access Gateway Advanced Edition supports browser-only secure access to Web applications, files, e-mail and XenApp sessions. This allows users to gain access from anywhere to critical business resources from a broad set of clients, including kiosks, PDAs and other mobile devices.
  • Integrated High Availability – Access Gateway Enterprise Edition ensures secure application access is always available (without extra third party components) by allowing appliances to be clustered into a high-availability pair. If an appliance fails, active user sessions are transparently moved to the second appliance, without loss of connectivity.

Strengthen Security

  • Hardened appliance – The Access Gateway appliance is hardened by Citrix to secure all software running on the appliance, including the base operating system to ensure secure application access.
  • Simplify patch management – Software-based solutions require the administrator to update and secure the latest patch for the operating system. With Access Gateway, Citrix does all the work for you by including 12 months of appliance image/firmware updates, and with Citrix Subscription Advantage™ you have the option to extend this benefit.

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